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At its core, t3 is a multi-faceted, community organization comprised of university students, alumni and faculty, who all share a passion for providing access to free resources to better the lives of others. The team’s products take the shape of multiple websites, a few apps, and podcasts that range from details about the law, the workplace, midwifery, solar-powered technology and the LGBTQ community. t3’s work spans across the globe, having made an impact in several countries including Ghana, the Philippines, the United States, South Africa, Brazil, Malawi, and Sweden.




t3 has been a non-profit organization since 2008. Over the years, we have worked to provide open-source and accessible resources to people around the world.

Our community organization started when Star Swift, our faculty advisor, wanted to build a free, educational resource about the arbitration process. Shortly thereafter, a student member of t3 created Digital Workplace in order to provide relevant cases about data in relation to the law, technology, and the digital workplace. Eventually, Dr. Martha Sommers and Mary Sommers posed another challenge to t3: A Midwife’s Guide. Over the course of several meetings, an Android app and eBook were created. A few years later, in 2013, we introduced solaRescue’s first product: the Solar Suction Surgery System (S4). Over the past few years, our team members have helped to build and transport S4s to Malawi. In 2015, we created the anyBODYs to provide a local university’s students an application that would allow them to locate single-user bathrooms and nursing nests in different buildings across campus. Our latest product is one that we created to foster a conversation among the LGBTQ community in West Michigan.

Current university students, faculty, alumni, and our other collaborators have spent countless hours developing content based on the missions that have been provided to us by other communities. With these resources, we hope we can help you and your community to flourish.




To provide open-source resources and applications for anyone in need around the world. We strive to embrace others, educate ourselves, and to further empower communities through technology.




Integrity. Empowerment. Respect. Justice. Stewardship.